Aussie Blogs

When I first began blogging I found it so difficult to find other Australian teacher blogs! Here is a list of some other fabulous teachers and bloggers from all around Australia.

If you are an Australian teacher with a blog and you would like me to add your button to this list, please comment in the section below and give me the link to your blog or email address.

I'd love to hear from you!

Paula’s Place




  1. Hi, I would like to invite you to visit my blog Paula’s Place to check out my Aussie Bloggers page and see the bloggers that have already added their buttons. You may want to add yourself and tell other great Aussie bloggers to link up.
    Paula’s Place

  2. Hi there Chantelle - I am so pleased I found your blog :) I am including the link to my blog as another Aussie blogger (based in Brisbane)...thank you, Kylie (Ripper Reading Resources)

  3. Hi Chantelle what a great collection of Aussie Teacher Bloggers, I love it! Here is a link to my Blog & Network OZ page. I am based in WA (A Plus Teaching Resources)

  4. Hi Chantelle

    I love your blog and your products and use a number in my classroom. Love the reading strategy cards!!! I was so happy to read that your from Melbourne! I taught in Melbourne recently too!!

    I was wonder what clip art you use?
    How do you manage to blog, create products and have a life! I am thinking of making a blog with classroom updates but I am unsure of how to manage my time? Any tips would be appreciated


  5. Hi Chantelle,

    I love your blog and I am one of your followers. I'm new to the blog world and was hoping to add my blog to your wonderful list. You can find me at
    I am from Sydney.
    Thank you Chantelle and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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