Tips for Prep Teachers!

This post is designed to assist new Grade Prep teachers during the first few weeks of school. 

It is aimed at assisting you with what to do PRIOR to the year commencing.  

I hope you find this post useful. 

YAY! You are SOOOO lucky to be teaching Grade Prep! 
(Also known as Kindergarten or Foundation in some states.)

Grade Prep is one of my favourite years to teach and it is very close to my heart as it was the first year level I ever taught - also the level that I have the most experience in. 

This is going to be such a REWARDING year for you however, be prepared to be EXHAUSTED in Term 1. Trust me though, it WILL get better!

This post has been created to give new Prep teachers some advice on how to go about the first few weeks of teaching this unique year level. I hope that you find it useful :)


This is the exciting part! My advice is to try to set up your classroom and organise as much as you can BEFORE the first day of school. Once the children start and you are into the term, you will find it very difficult to find time to get these things done. 
Here are some things I suggest you make / purchase / borrow - please note they are not essential, however you will find them useful.


Alphabet Posters - up high and visible to all students (examples here)

Word Wall / Literacy Wall - a wall/board to place new words or weekly Reading focus
(I have some FREE Word Wall cards in 3 State Fonts - NSW, VIC and QLD.  Click on your state to download for FREE)
Number Posters - up high and visible - its good to include the numeral and word and a visual representation of the number (Tens Frame or collection of objects) (examples here)

Numeracy Wall - a wall/board dedicated to display new maths concepts, strategies or weekly Maths focus
Visual Timetable - to outline your daily schedule - many children at this age require visuals so they know what to expect. (Read about this more here) (examples here)

Bag/Locker/Tub/Desk Labels - the parents and children like to see this all set up prior to the first day - use a different picture for each child to assist them in locating their name.
I used these labels for their tables.
(examples here)

Alphabet Desk Charts - the children will use these daily so make them accessible - on their desks or around the room so they can refer to them when writing. You can grab this one FREE from here:


Its a good idea to get some games and activities laminated and ready before the year begins. These games will often need to be self-directed and focus on either Alphabet letter/sound knowledge, Number Knowledge, Fine Motor Development and even building social skills.

There are LOADS of ideas around that you can use. Pinterest is a great start!

Here are a few PINTEREST BOARDS that you can follow which may help:

Literacy Games:

Numeracy Games:

Alphabet recognition games, letter sound games, matching upper case and lower case letters, sight word games, jumbled sentences.

Here are some of mine: You can find them all here:

Numeracy Games:

Number recognition, number ordering, matching amounts with the numeral, one to one correspondence (pointing to objects as you count them - only once), subitizing (the ability to look at a small group of objects or dots and instantly recognise how many are there), patterns (red, yellow blue, red, yellow blue etc)

Here are some of mine: You can find them here:

Fine Motor Activities:

Threading and beading, jigsaw puzzles, play dough, magna doodles, tracing the alphabet with whiteboard markers or fingers

Developmental Play:

Dress ups, make believe play, sandpit, water play, board games - anything that encourages sharing and co-operation and building relationships. 

UPDATES and CHANGES to Miss Jacobs Little Learners

I have been so busy creating new teaching resources, updating my products and responding to all your requests that I haven't had an opportunity to blog for a little while.

I have totally transformed my TPT store over the last few weeks and I'm so excited to share with you my latest products and fresh look for my store!


Firstly, I want to start by saying how excited I am to have reached 1000 FOLLOWERS on my Instagram account! Thank you to everyone who is following, liking and sharing my posts - I love reading your comments and I also LOVE that I can get an inside into YOUR classroom too! Social media has just totally transformed the way that teachers teach - we have always been collaborative - but now its just been taken to another level! I LOVE IT!!

If you aren't following my Insta account - you can follow here:
You will find a mixture of teaching pics, new products and my daily life pics - most of which involve my dog, Boston.


Next, I want to show you my new store look!

I've been working on making it easier for you to find the things you are looking for. 
On the left I have added in a heap of customised categories. I have broken up my products into titles and sub-titles. This will save you time scrolling through pages and pages of resources to try and find what you are after :)

I have also created some new banners! These will change every few seconds to showcase a snip-it of what's in my store!

And finally - if you click on the 'New Products' banner, you will be directed to a page where all my LATEST products are kept :) These are updated regularly.


Make sure you click the little green star next to the 'Follow Me' at the top of my page. This will mean you will get a notification from TPT every time I post a new product. My new products (except bundles) are offered at 50% off for the first 48 hours!

And speaking of new products...


This is one that I have recently put together to use in my classroom with my Grade 1's this year. It comes with 66 classroom job cards and an editable version for you to add your own pictures or wording to suit your classroom!
You can find it here:


I have also created a matching VISUAL TIMETABLE!

You can find this here:

These 2 items have been made to compliment my ULTIMATE CLASSROOM DECOR BUNDLE which includes loads of classroom decor resources for you to deck out your new classroom!

Here is a sneak peek of how mine is looking at the moment...
This year I decided to customise all my labels to match my students. I have labeled their Independent Reading Boxes with these:
And used matching name labels :)

How is your room looking???
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