Got an uneven amount of students in your class? Don't stress!

Hi Everyone!!!

Just a short post today to share with you all a little TIP that works for me when playing partnered games in the classroom.

I couldn't help but capture this moment when I gave my puppet 'Nigel' to one of my students to be his 'partner' for one of our Maths warm up games. You should have seen the look of his face! It was a mixture of confusion and sheer delight as my students know they are not allowed to touch Nigel without my permission.

We had an odd amount of students in the grade and I needed to work with another group so Nigel was  a fill in for the game. 

This works wonders and is guaranteed to stop any tears or tantrums due to uneven numbers in the grade. You can use any sort of stuffed toy like a teddy bear or puppet. The student will need to roll the dice for both themselves and their partner.

Fun for all!!! :)

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